friday link love

I'd say happy weekend, but truly it has felt like one long vacation since last Friday.  I love the holidays!  We both have today off, so we're going to do a little sale shopping for Darrell - he is desperately in need of some new clothes.  I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, whether that means ransacking the mall or cuddling up on the couch.  

I love Mindy Kaling, and she continued to impress me in a recent interview with some wonderful (and true) advice.  

Three pretty hairstyles, in case you're going out on New Year's Eve.  

I found the hubbub around this product to be sort of captivating.  Check out the comments, people are so opinionated! What do you think: genius baby distraction tool, or akin to child abuse?  

I've got a Nordstrom gift card to use, and these are in my sights.  

Such a simple, perfect outfit.  

A slightly controversial blog post about biblical literalism, but I thought it was beautifully said.  

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