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wearing: top - pink blush maternity, j. crew leggings, sam edelman louie boot - aka the most comfortable booties ever

When I started shopping for maternity clothes I have to admit, I was seriously bummed out by one thing: the clothes are, in general, extremely matronly.  Dresses mostly hit below the knee (at least on me, I'm 5'3), low necklines are hard to find, and a lot of tops are drapey and oversized.  When I'm already feeling bigger than usual, the last thing I want is to look schlubby in clothes that I'm swimming in (except maybe during a weekend Netflix marathon).  This struck me as a really odd phenomenon, because a lot of women who are pregnant are in their late twenties, so I'd assume most still want to look cute and even - dare I say - sexy while they're pregnant.  

So I was pretty thrilled when I found out about Pink Blush Maternity.  They have an amazing selection of cute tops - all plenty long enough to pair with leggings (my current favorite thing to wear) and all totally affordable.  Most of their items are under $30.  This top is the first thing I picked up from them, but it certainly won't be the last.  I'm eyeing a few dresses right now - particularly this body & bump conscious lace option that would be perfect for a holiday party.  

note: their clothes run small!  if you are normally a medium, get a large, etc.  their size chart is accurate, which is the only thing that guided me to go a size up, so definitely check it out.  

*all opinions and ideas in this post are my own - i was not compensated or even asked by pink blush to promote their line, i just really like it!  


  1. Oh gosh, is it strange that I am totally excited to start shopping for maternity clothes when I am finally pregnant! I think nothing is cuter than those little baby bellies ;)
    xo TJ


    1. Thank you so much! Not strange at all - I was psyched to start shopping maternity, especially places like Hatch Collection & Isabella Oliver! Checked out your blog and it is darling by the way, so glad you said hi!


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