maternity style/02 - a trip to artemis shop

wearing: cardigan from old navy, scarf, darrell's from h&m, "treggings" from isabella oliver, t shirt from everlane, boots from steve madden

Yesterday was a cold and sunny day in St. Louis - the kind of day that makes you actually like winter, if that sort of thing is even possible.  What snow was left was really glistening.  I sometimes get a little stir-crazy working from home, so I decided to take my friend Jillian up on her invitation to go visit a local-to-her shop in Lebanon IL, called Artemis.  Artemis is a Northwestern transplant, and that definitely shows.  The store is filled with vintage-y treasures, and the kind of dresses that make you wish you had the social life of a princess.  Soooooo many pretty things.  

Just the sign alone, right?  

They carry my favorite paper company, Rifle...

and display all their jewelry in the most charming of ways.  

They also appear to be as into ampersands as I am.  

Their dressing area was so adorable, I could've stayed and tried on clothes that won't fit me in a month alllll day long.  

I ended up choosing this blouse, which I'm hoping (fingers crossed) will accommodate the bump until I'm 7 or 8 months.  It's pretty roomy, and just plain pretty.  Also, it worked with leggings, and leggings are basically my everything these days.  

Since I can never resist spreading a little holiday cheer, I picked up the pink ornament (in the center!) to share with all of you.  You can enter to win it below, and if you do, I'll send this hand painted beauty straight to you.  I could have made off with this entire bowl of ornaments, they were so lovely and unique.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you'll all visit Artemis, and if you don't live nearby, check out their online store (which, I was thrilled to find, carries nearly everything their store does AND free shipping!)

*ps - i was invited to visit the artemis store as a blogger and receive 25% off anything i purchased.  however, i wasn't given anything for free or required to buy anything - i just really loved that blouse and wanted to purchase the ornament as a gift for one of you!  

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