Finally spring, and all the loveliness that comes with.

Spring is THIS CLOSE to arriving in St. Louis and we are all eagerly anticipating its arrival.  We got a one-off 60 degree day yesterday and dogs were walked, dinner was grilled, and I made this DELICIOUS (and early-spring perfect) cocktail.  

Today, we fell back into one last shot of winter gloom so there was yoga, baking, and movie watching.  Hopefully some Mexican food later too!  

Hope your Easter weekend is fabulous and involves plenty of sunshine, pastels, and candy!  


the earth laughs in flowers

I love keeping fresh flowers in the house.  I can't make a potted flower last a week (black thumb!) but cut flowers I have a kind of magic with, I can usually make them last at least a week or two.  

Even still, at $10-15 dollars a week to cover a few rooms in my apartment, it adds up to money I feel a bit frivolous spending.  I mean, I don't NEED flowers.  I do work at home though, and I like to keep my apartment looking the best I can since my couch is also my desk.  

In springtime, Trader Joe's has a fantastic remedy to this issue - $1.69 daffodil bunches.  They aren't bloomed, so in the store they don't look so great.  They aren't even kept in water!  Take a 5 or 6 bunches home to fill about three rooms with flowers.  To display them, cut the ends on the diagonal, and pop them into some cold water.  

I promise they will bloom into yellow sunshine for your home in less than a day!  


a blog about love

I just want to give a little shout out about one of my FAVORITE blogs, A Blog About Love after listening to their radio interview today, and just really loving the post that went up this afternoon.  

Mara & Danny are a crazy in love couple who have had a lot of challenges in their life, but make it their mission to live with positivity and hope - an idea that was bolstered further when they found each other.  It's a joy to read their words, they are definitely inspiring.  

You can check out their blog HERE, and the short interview I listened to is HERE.  

sidenote: Mara & Danny are Mormons like, honestly, most of my favorite bloggers are!  But even though the interview is on BYU radio they don't discuss religion much in it or on their blog.  I am not sure why, but there is something going on in that particular religion that is just booming creativity and adorableness all over the inter webs.  I don't know much about the LDS Church, but I'm sure it's entirely possible that I'd be more creative, productive, and upbeat if I never drank caffeine or alcohol too ; )  

paperless post

a whimsical birthday cart, & a wonderfully irreverent dinner party invitation 

a quick and to the point thank you

a funny little calling card

and to me, the perfect brunch invitation, because what is brunch without champagne?  

As much as I'm a fan of snail mail (and I have a drawer full of Etsy purchased stationary to prove it) even I have to admit that in our day and age, sometimes the quickest option is all that's going to happen, and it can be difficult to keep up with correspondence.  That's why I'm a HUGE fan of Paperless Post!  

This darling website carries e-stationary from people like kate spade and dozens of other designers, and they are great if you want to send a midday pick me up to a friend at work, if you forget a birthday (oops!), or just didn't have time to make it to the store for a card.  In fact, I think their designs are WAY nicer than most things in your average Hallmark store.  

*by the way, this post was not sponsored in any way!  I've just really loved using thing site and wanted to share : )


two for tea

With full awareness that this falls under the category of "extremely frivolous spending" I still think these sugar doilies are completely darling, and would make my evening cup of tea even more delightful.  

You can buy them HERE

They would be lovely - and perhaps a little less silly to spend $13 on, for a bridal or baby shower!  


haim - don't save me

I am probably way behind on this but....how great is this song?  
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