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When we got engaged in August 2011, I will admit that I was really excited about the idea of planning a wedding.  I knew that with all the amazing resources St. Louis had to offer, I could find the perfect dress, venue, florist, baker, photographer, and calligrapher right at home.  (And yes, you need a lot of people to put together a wedding).  

The trouble was where to find them.  The internet and Pinterest are both wonderful resources for ideas, but when you consider the amount of time you'll spend with the people arranging your flowers, it becomes apparent that you will need to meet them in person before signing the paperwork.  Wedding showcases are the perfect place to see everyone you need.  

The good wedding showcases are held in beautiful event spaces, where attending feels like you're going to a party.  I still love wedding details - I hope to help some of my friends plan the perfect wedding in the coming years.  Even though I'm already married, I'm going to Alive Bride on January 16th.  The event will showcase all of the best wedding vendors in the city of St. Louis, and even if you don't plan to get married in the area you should still come check it out!  We got married in Mt. Vernon, IL, our hometown 90 miles outside of STL, and all my lovely vendors were willing to travel that far - some would go as far as 3 hours away.  

To help convince you, I've teamed up with Alive Magazine to get readers of Light Sleeper, Heavy Dreamer the chance to win two free VIP tickets to the event.  VIPs will receive specialty cocktail sampling and appetizers, as well as an amazing gift bag.  You can enter to win the tickets below!  

If you don't win, you can still use the code DREAMER50 to get half off a VIP ticket - making it the same price as general admission.  

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