awkward and awesome tuesday

wearing: sweater & jeans - gap maternity, wedges - tory burch via ebay


Having to pee all.  the.  time.  I'm starting to feel like if I'm going to drink something, I may as well just drink it in the bathroom.   

Having a really, really terrible poker face while apartment hunting. I cannot contain my "I love its!"  when we're in a place we really like and I am sure this works against me but come on: could you contain your excitement if you found your dream home and it happened to have a fireplace in every room!?  

The sad & inadvertently rude alternative to my un-hideable excited face when apartment hunting is my equally obvious expression of "um, the pictures on the website lied and also this neighborhood is terrifying."  

Pregnancy nightmares.  This is more awful than awkward, but I wake up twice or so a night in a complete panic over the most realistic and terrible dreams ever.  I've basically quit reading all fiction, watching anything depressing or scary, and it's only gotten worse in the past week or so.  I'm sure it's stress related so that's a whole thing I need to work on, but does anybody have a secret remedy for this?  Any TV shows that instill happy thought or a vitamin/essential oil combo that worked for you?  I already do yoga & meditate regularly, so I'm looking for some new ideas. 


Cowboy Bark at Trader Joe's.  If you see it at your store, buy like 5 bags.  Okay, maybe no one else will be quite as obsessed with it as me, but seriously this stuff is amazing.  Chocolate, topped with toffee bits, almonds, pretzels, Joe Joe's cookies, sea salt, and peanuts.  SO GOOD.  

We find out the gender of the baby on Thursday, and I could not be more excited or anxious.  It feels more real by the second.  

My cousin's daughter took her very first steps this weekend at our belated "Christmas" celebration this past weekend with the ENTIRE family there.  It was truly special - how many people can say that their child took her first steps with all their loved ones proudly watching?  The look on her face when everyone clapped and cheered was truly priceless.  

The snow finally melted, and it's 55 degrees here right now!  I think it's short lived, but I still plan to enjoy it while it lasts.  

GIRLS premiere parties where literally everyone shows up with a different kind of cheese or chocolate.  I'm sure my friend didn't specifically have me in mind when she devised this get together, but now I think it should be repeated every week.  Basically the pregnant girl's ideal way to socialize.  

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