awkward and awesome tuesday


Touring daycare/preschools for your unborn child.  There's no way to make the "date of birth" question on the application not weird.  

The stage of pregnancy where no one wants to actively comment on the fact that you look pregnant.  I know they say you're not supposed to say anything, but at this point it would be nice if strangers would just start with that, rather than making me assume I just look like the kind of person who accumulates all extra fat in my stomach.  

We rearranged our entire apartment last week, and now our bedroom is in our former dining room.  We love it, but with our bed centered in the room now instead of pushed up against the wall I keep falling off the bed!  Ridiculous, I know, but apparently I had just become really accustomed to laying on my pregnancy pillow against the wall.  

The food I ate Sunday: Donut for breakfast, french fries & M&Ms for a snack, a lunch of basically casserole at a late family Christmas celebration, and tacos for dinner.  Sooooo sorry baby girl.  In my defense, it was mostly circumstantial and not cravings related...


Putting together the baby's crib with ZERO drama.  My mom bought us this beautiful Pottery Barn crib, and it literally came in only 5 pieces: ends, sides, and the mattress base.  That was an experience I thought involved squabbling over assembly instructions for sure, but it ended up being so easy and fun to put together with Darrell.  

Speaking of Pottery Barn, we got the rug we wanted for baby's room 20% off this weekend, and they basically NEVER have sales.  Hooray for saving $80!  In the world of way cheaper rugs, we bought this Target beauty for our bedroom, and it is basically my favorite thing in our apartment.  It's so soft sometimes I just squish my toes in a little while I'm putting on my makeup in the morning.  

Baby girl decided to stop attacking my skin with hormones - it's finally back to its usual, drama free state!! I've always been lucky to have easy skin - my entire routine is usually washing my face when I shower with Clean & Clear Morning Burst...and that's it.  But thanks to pregnancy I had bad teenager skin for a few weeks there and was basically clueless as to what to do, so thank goodness it was a temporary flux.  

It was 50 degrees on Sunday, and even though we're in Polar Vortex #2 this week, it was nice to actually get outside and walk the dog.  Only 51 days until spring!  

Lastly, my favorite awesome this week is knowing Baby Hayes is a girl.  It makes such a difference in my ability to connect with her, now that I can really picture her as a little person.  We love calling her by name....which we'll be sharing soon!  

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