awkward & awesome tuesday


My husband decided to go on a hardcore paleo type of diet this week, and told me I'd have to either go along with it when making dinner, or he'd cook his own food.  Um hi, I'm your pregnant wife, have we met?  

Staying up WAY too late to DD some friends on New Year's Eve, then feeling worse than everyone who was actually hungover.  Me and 2 am won't be meeting again until this baby is here to wake me up.  Midnight is my LIMIT.  

Doing laundry, and not finishing it until the new pile is big enough that I need to do laundry again...oops.  

Spilling the absolutely worst thing ever: an entire jar of honey.  ALL over the kitchen floor, which may never be un-sticky again.  


The midwest snow storm that got teacher training canceled on Sunday.  Sure, we have to make it up, but is there anything better than sleeping in and watching movies all day on an unexpected snow day?  

Baby kicks.  Nothing like it, and they are just the best.  Can't wait until they start happening more frequently.  

My house is (well, was before the honey incident) SO clean.  From now on, Homejoy once ever 6 weeks or so is a must.  I think I'd give up my brunch habit for this.  

Discovering the magic that is J.Crew Factory.  Maternity ensembles tend toward the basic side, and a little extra sparkle is always welcome.  The jewelry looks identical to the amazing and crazy expensive pieces you see on jcrew.com, and for less than half the price.  


  1. Hi Mary! Since I've been on break from school I've had a chance to pick up reading your blog again. Love your posts! Congrats on expecting your first little one. Very exciting...I'll enjoy following along! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you won't get tooooo sick of all the baby posts haha

  2. SO happy for you & you are so adorable pregnant! Hope you have a great week ~ I'm personally about to go enjoy snow day number 923432893249 tomorrow, haha! (:

    1. Thank you, that is so sweet! I was actually THRILLED to get to leave my house today - only got my car stuck three times lol! STL is NOT the best at clearing off the side roads.


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