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Happy Friday!  My mind is spinning a little bit today, so I'm glad to see the end of the week in sight.  We found out whether Baby Hayes is a boy or girl yesterday afternoon, and I'll be sharing that news on Wednesday next week.  Our sweet friends threw a surprise gender reveal party for us last night after the appointment, so there's been lots of celebrating already!  To say it's been an emotional few days would be an understatement, but we are SO happy.  

I hope you have wonderful & relaxing plans for this weekend!  I have yoga training for the entire weekend (about 20 hours of it) which is probably a good thing, because otherwise I would spend both days shopping for baby clothes!  

Here are this week's favorite links: 

The polar vortex was pretty awful, but it sure did create some beautiful things.  Here, some frozen lighthouses in Michigan, and some frozen bubbles that turned into little "ice glass" spheres.  

This week, a stunning apartment was unlocked in Paris that had been abandoned since it was fled in World War II.  Because of the nature of its owner's departure, almost everything was left in place.  It's sort of unbelievable - there's even a taxidermy ostrich!  

18 things women shouldn't have to justify.  

More evidence to support the idea that "busy" no longer means "successful."  

I've really been enjoying this book!  Has anyone else read it?  


  1. I just started following your blog. I love it and will look forward to every Friday's links! I'm impressed!

  2. Thank you so much, so sweet! I'm so glad you enjoy them : )


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