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I think we all felt this way at some point this week!  As I was driving to Mt. Vernon for work Tuesday, I realized my car thermometer read 1 degree and I thought to myself "the world should really shut down for this kind of weather."  I think this is undoubtedly one of the coldest winters I can remember.  Fortunately, there are things like space heaters, Netflix, and hot yoga to make it all better!  

Here are my favorite links from this week: 

This little girl's reaction to the gender of her sibling to be is hilarious.  

Darrell's really been chiding me to make healthier food, so I'm thinking these fish tacos might be added to the list.

My favorite kind of dancing.

In my effort to make more homemade, natural foods I'm jumping on the "Weekly Bread" train that James @ Bleubird Vintage has started.  Her simple, no knead bread was insanely delicious, and I even ordered a sourdough starter to try that next!

Darrell found this hilarious "anti-parenting" blog this week, and I've been reading back through almost all of his posts.  SO funny.

I realize it's totally frivolous to spend so much on an outfit a child can wear for so little time, but how amazing are the dresses from Tutu Du Monde?

Tina Fey's hilarious prayer for her daughter.

*image via gemma correll


  1. Ahaha! I love, love, love the Gemma illustration and your description of how things should shut down. I agree. I looked at the weather where my family is right now (in MN) and it's 19 BELOW ZERO! Feels like -33. I wish things could shut down for them, but it's just an almost unbearable winter there. Space heaters, warm blankets, and hot tea are the way to go, wherever you are, this winter.

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