making me smile

1.  Our dog, caught in the act.  He's not supposed to be on the bed, but tell me you could look at that face and make him get down.  

2.  A sparkly manicure on a very grey day.  Boom Boom Pow has been dubbed "literally the best sparkle polish ever" by my friend, the nail polish authority.  She's 100% right.  

3.  Chocolate chip cookies are sometimes all it takes to turn a stuck at home kind of day into a snow day.  Hey Natalie Jean has the best recipe of all time, and I have the "OMG THESE COOKIES" reviews to prove it.  Don't be a shortening snob!  

4.  Target has the cutest purses ever right now - it's so hard to choose!  I ended up taking the turquoise one home because I would normally always buy the red, but it was hard not to just get both.  

5.  Gold moccasins for the baby to be (and at about half the price of Freshly Picked, you can find them here.)  

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