maternity style 05

wearing: leggings - isabella oliver, tunic - pink blush maternity, boots - frye (similar), scarf & jacket - nordstrom, old

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a night that was everything you wanted, complete with the most perfect "When Harry Met Sally" type of kiss.  I was just lucky to make it until midnight awake, but I had so much fun celebrating - especially since we perhaps have more to celebrate than ever.  

I promise to bring the bump back next week (although as is obvious from Tuesday's post, it hasn't gone anywhere) but lately I've kind of been digging these hide-it outfits.  This is a constant equation: lettings + boots + tunic + scarf = and easy outfit for the frigid temps we've had lately in STL.  I wore it to lunch at Blueberry Hill, a St. Louis institution where Chuck Berry still plays regularly and the decor is as hodgepodge as it gets, hence the monkey!  I'm terrible at darts, but it's always hard to resist playing a game or two.  

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