what i want wednesday + a maternity style tip

I have this scarf in white & silver already (sold out), and it's in fairly constant rotation in my closet.  Scarves are a pretty major staple of my pregnancy wardrobe.  For one thing, they make an outfit something new, which is great when you're wearing the same dress for the 100th time (I'm not buying an entire wardrobe of maternity clothes, and baby girl clothes & nursery decorations are WAY more fun to buy). Also, sometimes when you're pregnant you have these days where you're kind of horrified by how huge your chest looks.  I realize that aspect is many a woman's favorite part of pregnancy, but I was already fine with what I had.  Now at times it seems a little excessive!  Scarves provide a little bit of modesty camouflage.  

This one is great because it's simultaneously a little bit warm, but also super light because it's made of a linen-esque cotton, so I'll be wearing it into late spring.  The dots really do sparkle and shine, and you can wear it on the other side for a more subtle look.  You can get it at Target for only $16.99, right here!  

*No affiliate links!  I just really loved this.  

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