what i want wednesday/duck boots

So this morning when I was literally shoveling my car out from being stuck in the middle of my road for the second time (good job city of St. Louis.....good job) I realized that I am severely lacking in the area of winter footwear.  My husband would laugh at that sentence on its own, because I have more shoes than it seems any person could ever need, but hear me out!  

I have UGGs, which are crazy warm and comfortable, but NOT at all waterproof.  We've got about 6 inches of show still on the ground, so they don't help much when you're trying to dislodge your car from a snowdrift.  

I also have Hunter boots, which keep your feet drier than dry, but they are pretty much the opposite of warm even when you wear them with thick socks.  The rubber just gets colder the longer you're outside, which makes them better for spring and autumn rain than for winter snow.  

That brings me to the conclusion that if I'm going to make it out of this supposedly/expectedly cold & wet winter I'm going to need a pair of duck boots, stat.  I've got my eyes on a few pairs on eBay, including this amazing coral pair from J. Crew, and of course some classic LL Bean boots.  If your store still has them in stock, Target always makes a few really cute options as well, like this adorable plaid pair!  I love the pop they give to an otherwise basic winter outfit.  

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  1. I was totally thinking the same thing this week.except I was looking at Sorel boots...with the fur. With my luck this will be St. Louis' only major snow storm for the next 20 years :)


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