what's it gonna be?

By the time this post goes up, we'll know whether or not Baby Hayes is a boy or a girl!  
Above are some pictures of Darrell & I as babies - I couldn't believe how blonde Darrell was, and I'm always amazed at how he was literally born with that mischievous crooked smile.  

I'll be sharing our news on Wednesday, but I thought it would be a fun game to see what everyone's predictions are, so let's hear your guesses!  

What do you think - is Baby Hayes a boy or a girl?  

*Also, my apologies but there won't be an Awkward & Awesome this week!  We found out at my doctor's appointment that I was one week early on my count, thanks to the "What to Expect" app.  I'm actually not 20 weeks until this coming Saturday, so we'll pick up there next week!  

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