awkward and awesome tuesday


Okay, the photo that was previously here.  I really hated it.  And it's my blog, so I am exercising my rights to take it down.  I had yoga training all weekend (literally, 7:30 am to 5 pm both days) so it was a "yeah I just got out of the shower but we really need to snap this photo" kind of thing.  Outfit post coming tomorrow!  

My bedtime routine.  We eat dinner at 6:30, go to bed maybe two hours later, and by the time I've been laying down for half an hour I've probably gotten up to pee twice and gone to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal.  

Husband spies the cookies that I made...all three of them that are left.  Doesn't eat them though.  Then 2 hours later asks "where did the cookies go?"  Um yes, yes I did.  You really need to be faster if you want to beat a pregnant woman to cookies.  

I thought I would be totally calm and collected when people reach out to touch the belly and WOW that is not the case.  With certain people it doesn't matter much to me at all (Darrell, my girlfriends, and a handful of people who just have good energy) but with some people I just do this really startled "WHOA PLEASE DON'T DO THAT."  So bottom line, ask or maybe just don't?  

Realizing how far I'm going to have to stretch this maternity wardrobe.  I'm totally unmotivated to buy any more than what I've already bought, and what I have is great!  But it's going to get worn, and reworn, and by the end of this pregnancy you all may just be viewing re-posts of old outfit posts.  


The Superbowl!  It's the best ever "drinking holiday" for pregnancy women because food.  

Darrell can feel the baby move now, IF we sit stone still and wait for an unspecified amount of time.  I am so excited for her to get bigger and stronger so he can feel her all the time.  

Easter candy is out!  I know, it's ridiculous seeing as it's only January, but Easter candy is my very favorite.  Cadbury eggs!  (Side note: all these awesomes COULD be food related.  But I'll stop here.  You're welcome.)  

Women who DON'T give me unsolicited advice.  You all are awesome.  I will totally ask for help when I need it (and have!), but until then I would appreciate you just keeping it all to yourself please and thank you.  

I have acclimated to our new bed positioning!  I didn't fall out once this week : )  

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  1. CADBERRY EGGS ARE OUT? (runs to the grocery store)


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