awkward and awesome tuesday


While home for work in Mt. Vernon this week, I managed to set off our building's alarm not once, but twice.  Once I legitimately didn't think that it was set, but the second time I just.....apparently I forgot that the patio door still counts as a door.  Oops.  

Every time I said "I need a drink" at my friend's birthday party this weekend, I got the silent blank stare.  OF WATER, PEOPLE.  Geez.  

In case you didn't know, pregnancy energy comes in spurts - do something, sit for a while, repeat.   I pretty much run all errands a little bit at a time.  Trader Joe's & Target?  Unlikely, unless Darrell is coming with me to push the cart and do all the lifting.  

Some serious cravings for turkey & chicken.  Stop it baby, we're vegetarians.  Eggs are all you get.  

Darrell could not suppress his amusement when I was getting dressed for yoga the other day.  Gotta get the tank top down OVER the boobs, and the pants UP over the bump.  It's more work than you might think.  


Prenatal yoga!  My first series started this week.  I've been attending classes the entire time I've been pregnant, but lately things have gotten a little bit uncomfortable in certain poses.  Prenatal yoga classes & modifications are making all the difference for me.  Yoga is the one thing keeping me sane during this awful winter, and it's making this whole pregnancy thing a LOT easier physically.  I'll do a post in the next couple weeks about the exact classes & DVDs I've been using!  

I made homemade Thin Mints this week that literally taste exactly like the real thing.  They're dangerous.  Recipe can be found here - amazingly, they have three ingredients and take about 30 minutes.  Don't bother tempering the chocolate - just melt it in the microwave.  I tempered it once and not the second time, and it just seemed like a lot of unnecessary extra work and mess.  

The bump is finally bigger than my boobs!  Although they're making an effort to catch up.  Either way, this is fantastic because I can finally bust out all of my old "college bohemian phase" tunics and tops, and you can actually tell I'm pregnant and not just big.  They're so comfortable, and I really didn't want to buy many more maternity clothes.  

Getting together with so many friends this weekend.  We tend to be really low key lately, but Saturday night we headed to a big birthday party for two of our close friends.  It was so great to see everyone and catch up - and hear so many sweet words about our impending parenthood.  And Happy Birthday again to Emily & Rob!  


  1. Followed you from 'Reading my Tea Leaves'! Congrats!! I love that chalkboard! It's such a great idea. Definitely got a laugh out of the cravings for chicken and turkey part! Goodluck!

  2. I love her blog, and I can never resist commenting! Thank you so much!


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