awkward & awesome tuesday

One morning this week I managed to not only burn my oatmeal on the stove, but also melt the spoon I was cooking it with.  I'm apparently very distracted.  

The bra fitting lady at Nordstrom who just was totally unwilling to leave the fitting room because she needed to help me get the bras on?  I am really not that much of a prude, and I understand the benefit of showing her how they're fitting, but just the act of getting them off and on is something I would like to do ALONE.  

Correcting our guest yoga teacher (aka "Top 12 Young Yoga Teachers in America" according to Yoga Journal freaking magazine) Darren Rhodes during class when he tried to mess with my pregnancy modification with a blunt "dude, I'm 6 months pregnant."  Obviously, but there were surely better ways to say that than loudly and abruptly.  

Yelling at your husband from the kitchen "so babe, you about ready for bed?" at which point he reminds you "uh, Mary, it's 8:05."

***awkward update: Per the item below, I'm wrong, the time change isn't until NEXT weekend.  Cue tears . 

We got a little hit of 60 degree weather last week.  I could be bitter that it was fleeting, but I'm choosing to just be thrilled it happened at all.  It was a nice reminder that spring will come eventually.  

Yoga teacher training finished this past weekend!  It's been fun, but I am so very ready to have my weekends back to myself.  Also, I'm now a certified yoga teacher!  

True Detective.  Have you seen it yet?  Darrell & I are on a real streak with finding TV series we both love, and this is our latest "OMG Saturday nights in with pizza and this show are the best thing ever" discover.  

The manicure & pedicure I'm going to get tonight.  I'm normally a do it at home to save $$$ kind of girl, but that rule is being put on hold due to the fact that reaching my feet has become somewhat of an ordeal.  

Spring forward is this weekend!  The time change makes it more real - it's a fact.  


  1. Hi, Mary,

    I'm brand new to blogging but I've been around the scene a bit and already know some of the faces. I found you via the STLFW: Fashion Bloggers of STLFW web page, and just wanted to say hi!
    Your day sounds a lot like mine lately! The new moon is coming up, and Mercury is in retrograde... could be why everything's goofy!
    Anywho, I'm glad to find another yoga fan like myself! Where do you practice?
    Good luck with baby!


    1. Hi Jill! Hah damn that mercury. I practice @ Urban Breath, Yoga Six, & Southtown - I can't ever seem to pick a favorite studio! Your brand new blog looks like it's headed in an awesome direction, love your writing and the title!



    2. Mary,
      I love Urban Breath! Jee is a great teacher. I used to take classes there last year. Now I'm at Gateway Flex on S. Grand.
      Thank you! I'm really excited to keep it up!



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