baby hayes' name

So baby girl's name will be Claire!  We had firmly decided on Claire before we knew.....well before we knew we were even pregnant really.  Claire was my great-grandmother's name, and my parents considered it for my name as well.  I've been told many times "you look more like a Claire" when I've shared that, and although I'm perfectly happy being Mary I'm thrilled to pass that name onto my daughter.  We thought it was a good balance between a pretty name for a child and a sophisticated name for an adult.  I've always loved it, and I don't know anyone named Claire that I don't like (um, this is really true).  Her middle name will be Olivia, which is just a name we liked that we pulled out of nowhere!  

The photo is a little sneak peek at her nursery - I painted the trim that pretty mint green color, the walls are white, the gold polka dot curtains are from Pottery Barn Teen's Emily & Merritt collection, and the name banner is from Rifle Paper Company!  


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  2. Gah, was signed into my husband's gmail account when I sent that! Love that name! Beautiful!

  3. Awww! This is so sweet :) Congratulations to the both of you. Claire is a beautiful name!


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