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So I hate to say it, but winter is kind of killing us around here.  Usually a midwestern February involves temps in the 40s and a mix of gray and sunny skies, but this year we seem to have fallen into a permanent polar vortex.  There's another deluge of snow every other day, and it doesn't seem to get much warmer than 20 degrees, ever.  

I know spring will come, and I shouldn't wish this precious time away - especially being pregnant - but it's hard not to think about sunnier & warmer days ahead.  Luckily this weekend we have some celebrating to do for our friends' birthdays, and that should generate some much needed cheer.  Also, it gives me an excuse to wear something besides yoga pants and a t shirt (yay!)  

I hope you have a weekend planned that will put a little spring into your heart, at least until the real thing arrives in 40 days!!

My favorite links from this week: 

The questions that will save a relationship.  

Especially on winter Mondays, it's good to adopt this attitude.  

Target's shoes are buy one get one half off, and these are so cute, especially in the stripe!  

I loved this hilarious take on how today will be viewed from the future, written by Olivia Wilde.  

My latest pregnancy craving is anything strawberry - did you have any family members who made this deliciousness during the holidays?  My aunt always brings it, but I may whip a batch up just because.  

24 reasons to date a girl who does yoga.  

Jewelry is everything to a pregnant woman's wardrobe, and J.Crew Factory has a really exceptional selection right now - the necklaces are a fun way to inject a little spring into your wardrobe.  


  1. when i was pregnant i craved everything fruit! these links are great... perfect to stay indoor away from the cold and browse through. thanks!

    1. Isn't that funny - I mean, I probably crave terrible for me things just as much, but its nice that sometimes I want to eat healthy things! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oooooh this Midwestern winter is killing me. Good things lots of good things are going on in life, or things could get pretty dreary.

    1. No kidding - we got more snow last night! I once read that having things to look forward to is one of the number one factors in happiness, so I'm trying to see that I'm "looking forward to spring" as a good thing!


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