maternity style 11

top and bracelet (old): anthropologie, leggings (maternity): isabella oliver, boots: frye, similar

So a little wardrobe update - as of recent, I have not been so into buying official "maternity" clothes!  Earlier on in my pregnancy, buying maternity felt like a rite of passage - it was something I wanted to do because I was so excited about being pregnant, and since I had a while to wear everything it seemed purposeful.  Now, with only about 3.5 months left to go, I'm more in the market for pieces I can make work both before and after the baby gets here, spring through summer.    

Sonnet James, who I featured last week, is one brand I went to for such clothes, but their pre-sale dresses don't ship until April (which is probably good, because I would very likely just start wearing them anyways, and freeze to death).  My Isabella Oliver dresses also feel like a good long term investment, although their fitted silhouette may not be so flattering immediately post baby!  Other than that, there isn't just one brand that I consider a go to for before and after versatility - any brand from Forever 21 to Free People to J.Crew will often carry pieces that have just enough stretch or flow to work with a bump.  This top in particular is by Anthropologie, and after seeing another blogger wear it I had a good feeling about it working well with a bump!  I checked if it was in stock at my local store, popped over, and was lucky enough that the last one in my size had a small flaw (a tiny tear in the seam) that got me $30 off and took all of 5 minutes to stitch up.  These kinds of finds are what I'm looking for to carry me through, but won't make it feel as though I'm spending money on something I'll wear once.  


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