rustic & gold at target

About a month ago, when we decided to forego moving in favor of saving some money and hassle, we decided that if we were going to stay happy in our current apartment then it needed a refresh.  I had a pretty particular vision in mind - lots of white and gold, with nothing dark or too big that would make the apartment feel even smaller.  When we eliminated our dining room and made the apartment layout into more of a studio (minus the nursery, which is in our only private bedroom) our number one concern became making sure that we never felt cramped.  I thought I'd have to figure out how to make it work over time, but then I was thrilled to see that Target's Threshold brand had released an entire collection of cream & gold home decor with rustic touches - exactly what I wanted, for half of what I thought I'd spend.  

We've already snapped up the little bench and bedside table, and still have a lamp on the list.  I loved the two pictured here, but Darrell wasn't sold.  Anyways, this is basically just a PSA!   The items are mostly sold out online, but if you click through you can check item availability in your local store, just in case you feel like your house could use a spring reset.  

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