sonnet james

Last week when I was browsing blogs, I came across Taza's post about the line Sonnet James.  I usually click right past giveaway posts to be totally honest, especially on a blog that popular.  What are my odds of winning, right?  But her pictures are always so beautiful, and once I saw how cute the dresses were I had to click through.  Imagine my surprise when I got to the site and realized that they aren't just dresses - they're double duty stretchy maternity & non-maternity dresses for MOMS.  I am totally smitten.  The bright colors & modest cuts are perfect for hanging out with children because they don't inhibit any of your activities, and I love how comfortable they all look.  I basically want one of each.  None of the dresses for spring will be available until April, but you'd better believe I'll be scooping a few up for my transitional pregnancy-to-new-mama wardrobe.  The best part is that the line isn't insanely expensive - most of the dresses are around the $100 mark, and several can even be worn for nursing.  Win!  

You can check out Sonnet James here.  


  1. oh wow! I'm obsessed! thanks for sharing :) I'll be pre-ordering mine today.

    1. They are definitely obsession worthy! I ordered the Doutzen - now it just needs to be April, and for more reasons than just this dress arriving!!


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