awkward and awesome tuesday

Because what do you do when 3 good photos of you are taken while you're pregnant?  You post all of them, obviously.  

wearing: top - jojo maman bebe, jeans - old navy, necklace - ebay, flats - tory burch via ebay


I wore a new maxi dress to the office last week, not realizing that the back had a nice big cutout opening.  I hope everyone enjoyed the view of the bra straps I rearranged to be criss-crossed so that they'd be "hidden."  

Waking up in the middle of the night to pee, I decided to do that move where you swing your legs to use momentum to sit upright (that made sense, right?)  Well, it totally backfired with my pregnant belly in the equation, and I pretty much flopped right back onto my back.  I now know what it feels like to be a turtle.  

I wore my brand new coral colored J.Brand maternity pants to an outdoor party and I was feeling pretty cute considering I was the token pregnant girl until my friend's sweet puppy jumped up on me and smeared dirt on his paws from my thighs to shins.  This was the moment Darrell chose to point out that "I should get used to being messy because soon it will just be baby puke" annnnnnnnd let's just say I was not amused.  


Baby girl moves pretty much all the time now (enough that I'm worried how much she'll sleep when she's here) but I still think this goes in the awesome category because it makes me feel like we just hang out all day long.  It's also much easier for Darrell to feel her kick, and she likes to kick his hand on purpose when he's waiting to feel her.  Now if only I could get her to do the same for other people!  

Spray tans.  I know this is about as shallow as it gets, but for some reason everything just looks nicer when you're tan, and that still applies when you're pregnant.  Especially (weirdly?) to the bump.  The bump likes to be tan!  

Spring weather!! It was so warm on Saturday that I was actually hot in jeans and a very springy light sweater.  It seriously needs to never get cold again - and if it does, I'll just continue to wear spring clothes in protest.  

And since it wouldn't even really be an "awkward & awesome" without whatever food I'm obsessed with right now, this week it's root beer floats.  We made a couple Saturday night and ate them in bed.....which we were in by 9:30.  

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