awkward & awesome tuesday

wearing: tunic - old navy, jeans - gap, wedges - vince camuto, very similar, bracelets - jcrew factory & coach (very old)


The dude who creepily flirt-waved at me in the oil change line.  After ignoring you and staring straight ahead until one of us pulled into the bay, it was good and funny when I walked into the waiting room 6 months pregnant.   

My spatial awareness.  The bump has taken over and I whacked Darrell with our shopping basket no less than 5 times during a recent grocery trip.  Sorry babe....

I accidentally hung one of my maternity shirts in Darrell's closet this week.  Not a good sign for how big I'm getting.  

Calling my insurance company and the hospital FOUR TIMES EACH just to get a billing issue figured out, and having someone tell me something different each time.  This was more awful than awkward.  I'm now officially nervous for the aftermath of every appointment - this was one code entered incorrectly and suddenly I owe $500 instead of my usual $50.  Here's hoping I get it officially resolved ASAP.  


Discovering jane.com.  It's like Groopdealz only better!  I had been coveting the necklace from THIS blog post forever (also, that blogger's style is just so good), and never could find it.  One day it just popped up in my daily deals email for TEN DOLLARS.  Shopping cart, checkout, done.  

J. Brand Maternity jeans on peainthepod.com buy one get one free this week.  For the colored jeans, which are totally adorable for spring.  I got mint & coral!  

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I'm not even ashamed to say that I had it for dinner twice this week.  

Shopping for baby clothes with my mom & sis!  So much cuteness.  Although I may be the least fun person to shop with for baby clothes - to say I'm picky would be an understatement.  Call me crazy, but I think bows the size of my fist are really gilding the lily when it comes to babies.  
(For the record, my favorite stores so far have been Janie & Jack, Old Navy, J.Crew, and Baby Gap.  


  1. Love that tunic, Mary! We've also had our eyes opened to just how hard it is to deal with billing and insurance. For instance, our doctor is a family practitioner and doesn't do the high-tech type of ultrasound that you need to get measurements, etc. So we had to go to the hospital to have it done, which isn't fully covered. However, it would have been fully covered in a doctor's office, but we didn't have that option! So frustrating!

    1. Dacy that is literally EXACTLY what happened to us!!

    2. It's like they deliberately try to confuse you to make money - not a good feeling. :/


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