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I think we can all agree that after this atrocious winter, March needs to step it up.  We're trying to force it into action by heading out to a fish fry tonight, making the most of the 60 degree weather we got today (and please let it never leave!)  If you've ever lived in St. Louis you know I'm not just throwing a random activity out there - fish fry Fridays are an institution here during Lent.  So fun, and probably the cheapest way to start off your weekend - a huge plate of food and a couple beers will run you in the neighborhood of $10.  

In an act of extreme optimism I also decided to unload my spring dresses & shoes from storage - although I left my saltwater sandals for now because I figured that veers into "jinxing it" territory - and I got them all unpacked and hung up yesterday.  Sometimes just seeing a coral sundress in the closet and knowing that the day will come soon when you can wear it is enough to make you feel warmer.  

Anything you're doing to "hurry up" spring this weekend?  

Since I know you're just dying to go to one now, this church and this one are my favorite fish fries in St. Louis.  And yes, I also find it hysterical that we have an entire website dedicated to ranking them.  

Did you see Paul Rudd & Jimmy Fallon's lip sync battle?  Paul Rudd was AMAZING.  

Hatch's spring collection just came out, and this dress is definitely my favorite.  

Signs you're definitely over winter.

Did you know that people all over the world throw "American" parties?  And as you might imagine, they are hilarious.  

Interesting article about a girl who did something new in New York City every single day last year! Some people amaze me with the personal challenges they give themselves.  

My mom bought us both these shoes last weekend, and I'm madly in love with them.  The perfect low wedge is a seriously elusive find.

The 36 types of people you meet in yoga class.  Avoid putting your mat next to #6, as in my experience they also "seriously" never wear deodorant.  

I have to say, I think this season of Girls has been the very best yet, so this Huffington Post article made me laugh and is also incredibly true.  

Such a gorgeous necklace, especially with a bateau neck striped top!  

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