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This weekend is a momentous occasion because this weekend is the first WARM weekend of the entire year - it's going to be 65 degrees tomorrow and I plan to spend the day brunching and sitting outside with friends while they enjoy beers and I perhaps enjoy some sparkling lemonade.  And yes, okay, I'll probably have a jacket on the entire time and the 65 degree part will probably only last for about 3 hours, but I'm still pretty thrilled about it.  On that note, any chance you're tired of hearing about the weather yet?  Because I'm just not.  I'll read all the blogs only talking about how great the weather is and I've honestly been loving it.  It all just makes me think happy thoughts about walks to the park with baby girl once she gets here.

And now, a few of my favorite links from this week!

A man goes without any addictive chemicals for a month....no coffee, alcohol, nothing. As a pregnant woman, it's not like this is a foreign concept to me, but I remember when it sounded like a crazy challenge! This account of his month is really interesting. 

Stephen King on adverbs - I totally nerded out over this article, and as a Stephen King fan (because his writing is truly amazing) I totally agree.  

James Murphy is planning to make the subway in NYC more musical. 

Isaac Mizrahi's new shoe collection has some really adorable picks.  I love these striped slingbacks.  

It does seem true, doesn't it? People at Whole Foods are so angry. 

How to roll your sleeves in that perfect "J.Crew" style.  

This twitter feed is hilarious. Some of its best moments, here. 

This is much more NSFW than what I usually post, but this rebuttal written by the (obviously very well written) Duke University student doing porn to pay for her college was interesting, to say the least. Do you think she may have been treated differently if she were a man? 

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