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So, our weekend isn't getting off to the best start ever...

Yesterday Darrell got a (really stupid) ticket for making a U-turn, literally first thing in the morning, and I think we would actually fight it if that didn't mean having to go to court in Herculaneum, MO.  Waving goodbye to $75 is never fun.  I've also been super frazzled lately - baby brain is kind of taking over and in the past couple of days I've taken one too many wrong turns and thrown several things in the trash that certainly didn't need to go there.  I'm perfectly capable of laughing at myself, but it's no fun feeling like you're constantly out of it, and I hope this passes!  

I'm thinking after all that nonsense we need a low key weekend.  My brain needs a rest, and lots of sleep.  The only thing I'm really hoping to do is squeeze in a showing of The Grand Budapest Hotel.    It's also going to be under 60 degrees for the next week, so I'm pretty mad at the weather. Right about now, I'm really kind of wishing we had planned a babymoon.  

Tired of my whining yet?  Okay, here are this week's links: 

I'm totally yucked out by the idea of a cruise and will NEVER take one (mark my words) but if you're into that sort of thing, this looks like a pretty awesome place to retire.  

This app for speed reading is incredible! I have always been a fast reader and wouldn't use it for fiction or anything like that, but my goodness I sure wouldn't mind having this for speeding through the baby books!  

Things you shouldn't say at a baby shower.  I second this entire list. 

I'd love to have this sweet tote for summer.  

How adorable is this list of things that some people believed as children?  I totally remember thinking in this way.   

The most amazing website that plays you background noise.  As someone who works alone at home, I was excited to find out this existed.  

I'm on the hunt for baby hats for this summer, and if this one came in adult sizes as well I'd buy us both one!  

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