how to monogram your hunter boots

After doing quite a bit of trolling around on tumblr in my life (probably more than any person should reallllly spend on a photo blog site) I got sort of obsessed with monograms.  My husband thinks it's downright funny and a little strange - and of course he received the brunt end of all my mania, because once we got married I had my "official" lifetime set of initials and decided that it was time to personalize everything.  To make this clear, just know that we have a 750 square foot apartment and within that space there are no less then three "H" monograms hanging on the walls.  

When I saw monogrammed Hunter boots on Pinterest for the first time,  I wanted some but always assumed that they were a custom order, something I was too late to jump on since I had already had a pair for about a year.  I obviously wasn't going to just spend another $150 to get the monogram.  

Then last week I was beyond excited when I saw an Etsy listing for a set of "hunter boot monogram vinyl appliques."  GENIUS.  I immediately ordered a set in gold (for less than $10) and applied them easily when they arrived about a week later.  The stickers look AMAZING. Just like they were painted on, and it took all of 5 minutes to do myself.  Like a crazy person, I'm now considering a painted monogram DIY on my Louis Vuitton speedy (which is something you DO actually have to order when you buy the bag) so I'll keep you updated on whether or not I go for it, and if it ends in tears...

You can get the Hunter boot monogram decals (in a few difference monogram styles and TONS of colors) right here!  

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