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In the same vein as my recipe post last week, I've also lately been having a little trouble being inspired by Pinterest in the way of blog material.  Normally I scroll through what I've pinned lately and can come up with ideas fairly quickly, but there is just SO MUCH on Pinterest lately that I begin to feel a little frantic trying to zero in on just one thing.  Perhaps it's the layout, which shows you 100 photos at a time, or perhaps I just have mild ADD, but for whatever reason I've been working much more successfully with tumblr lately.  I follow a LOT of very preppy blogs lately (you've been warned!) but if that's your jam and you like bright colors as much as I do this time of year, you can head on over to my tumblr to see my latest posts.  It's a constant stream of outfit inspiration, quotes, and probably far too many monograms.  

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