awkward and awesome tuesday

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Darrell had a bowl of goldfish out on the coffee table, and when he looked away for a second Fitz pretty much licked the bowl clean.  He moved the bowl away, dejected that his snack had pretty much been ruined, and then promptly forgot the whole thing happened about 10 minutes later and started eating what was left.....which was tainted with dog spit.  

Baby brain....this past week I: 

1.  Left my dog at the office.  Again.  
2.  Tried to throw my favorite West Elm tea towel in the trash because???
3.  Drove to my aunt's house while attempting to pick up my dog from the groomer for absolutely no reason.  

Those freaking kids carts at Trader Joe's.  I saw no less than three kids have a meltdown involving one, and almost got mowed down several times by toddlers.  Trader Joe's, please get rid of these before Claire is old enough to want to use one.  All the parents hate them, and all the childless shoppers look mean for glaring at the parents who let their kids run buck wild with them.  I just want to buy my chia seeds and get out!  

I had jury duty this past week, and while waiting outside of a potential courtroom with my fellow "number called" jurors, NOT ONE PERSON offered to give me their seat on one of the limited benches.  I was the only pregnant person there, and not that I desperately hate sitting on the floor or anything, but I thought people in the midwest were supposed to be polite?  


I am IN with the new doctor!  Hooray for having proper medical care!  Seriously though, if I never talk to another health insurance agent again, I'm fine with that.  

Trader Joe's has daffodils again!  And they've even started blooming in our neighborhood.  Sometimes the small things are the big things.  

Speaking of springy things, have you seen the forecast?  I think we're finally out of the 50s.  For GOOD hopefully.  

Popsicles and berries.  I constantly crave cold, icy, fruity things - I'm thinking the end of this pregnancy being in the spring and summer is going to be a very good thing, otherwise I'd have Darrell hunting the whole of St. Louis for decent strawberries.  

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  1. Good for you for changing doctors! I think a lot of people wish they had by the end but then it's too late...


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