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This weekend we're headed to our hometown to spend some time with our nearest and dearest.  My second baby shower is on Saturday (my first one was a surprise!) and other than that we're just going to do family dinners, family lunches, family breakfasts....you get the idea.  Oh, and sleep.  There will hopefully be LOTS of sleep, because I have been lacking in that department lately.  I hope you all have wonderful weekend plans!  Now, this week's favorite links.  

This article about crazy things Americans do made me laugh out loud.

LOVE this Huffington Post article about why St. Louis is so awesome.  I completely agree.

Special effects really are just amazing.  I loved this commercial "featuring" Audrey Hepburn.  Honestly though, I'd watch whole movies with CGI Audrey if they made them.

My hairstylist used this treatment and this serum on my hair at my appointment Thursday, and my hair has never looked better.  She also inspired me to give this styling tutorial a shot.

Apparently the FDA has approved the "EPI pen" of drug overdoses for over the counter sale.  Some say this will encourage drug abusers to keep using....but I'm inclined to say that it could be an amazing thing for the family members of addicts to have available to them.

I have no reason to make these salted caramel bars, other than they just look insanely delicious.  My sweet tooth during this pregnancy has been slightly out of control!

I've definitely been thinking more practically about clothes with this baby coming, and I think these sandals will be the perfect way to elevate a simple jeans & tee ensemble.

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