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With the weather slated to be beyond amazing, we're planning to make the most of this weekend.  We'll be hitting up one of our favorite Fish Fries on Friday night, then heading to the farmer's market and maybe a baseball game (our first of the season!) on Saturday morning.  We also plan to finish up the nursery, which I'm thrilled about.  I hope your weekend plans - and weather - will be just as perfect.  

How cute is this children's book series?  I'm constantly amazed at how lucky I am to live in the era of "cool mom bloggers."  Otherwise, I would never know about anything!  

Oh, the cuteness.  Here is the short list of animals who can really "dance."  

So if you don't want to read an article about breast pumps.....don't click here.  But seriously, in this day and age shouldn't they be as efficient and sleek as iPhones by now?  

The one word that should never follow "I love you."  

A beautiful essay on marriage before and after children, from one of my very favorite bloggers.  

Baby elephants learning to use their trunks are perhaps the most adorable thing ever.  

This video explains perfectly why we try to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart.  I'm sure no company is perfect, we try to avoid their stores at all costs and instead shop at places like Trader Joe's, who pays their employees a living wage.  

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention. Love that pic with the post, too!


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