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Easter weekend is finally here!  I'm very lucky to have Good Friday off as a way to kickstart my weekend, and although I'll be spending most of it touring potential daycare centers I also plan to squeeze in a trip to the flower market to brighten up my porch.  Other than Easter Sunday, we have no plans which is basically heaven at this point.  I've been really making an effort to wind down our schedule as of late.  Okay, here are my favorite things from this week!  

I found this list to be SO true.  I think midwest is perhaps the most stereotyped region in the US (i.e., Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.)

Photoshop can be such an amazing tool.  This artist created a surreal image of what it would look like if Venice's Grand Canal froze over.

This made me laugh hysterically.

I'm a total sucker for nerdy apps like this.  Jigsaw puzzles on my iPhone?  Sign me up.

This video is totally fun to watch - the A to Z of dance.

These Target sandals are on sale for only $17!  I have a pair, and they are awesome.  I might need to pick up the chambray as well.

There is a HUGE Game of Thrones spoiler in here, but if you're really curious about who committed the big murder on Sunday night's episode, this is a pretty compelling argument!

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