observations on a monday

I had kind of completely forgotten how amazing lemonade is, especially a big one from Auntie Anne's on the way out of the mall (no pretzel....so that's a big win for this week.)  Cravings lately have been far more drink related than food related, which is great since I'm on a mission to not grow this baby COMPLETELY out of carbs.*

Although I may be failing on that mission, because I decided to bake some bread this weekend after successfully avoiding it for about a month.  This is all due to Martha Stewart reminding me that the quiche I made for dinner last night would have been better with crusty French bread.  And when I didn't have any....well I felt like I had just hit worse wife ever status and I'd better make some.  Plus, there is nothing better than the smell of baking bread.  I highly recommend you make this recipe before it feels too ridiculously hot to do so!  

The only thing that might smell as good as that bread is this giant flowering bush in our yard.  I have no idea what kind of plant it is, but it blows a sweet lilac-esque smell right past you every time you leave.  I love it so much I attempted to cut of a few branches to put in a vase.....but you guys, the bees won that one, so no dice.  

I think I am missing out on the pregnancy hair benefits - seriously, my hair looks EXACTLY the same as it did pre-pregnancy.  Actually, it used to look better.  Potential upside: if it doesn't grow in a bunch of extra, maybe it also won't fall out afterwards?  If it does, I will just feel cheated, because my nails are also still short and flimsy.  

I've caved to wearing flats most of the time, but if I'm not in flats I'm wearing Sam Edelman midi wedges, which are the perfect pregnancy-height shoe.  Just enough lift that you feel a little taller, but comfortable enough to wear all day.  They are not, however, Darrell's favorite.**  I recommend the Sophie, the Sutton, or the Serena.  

Aren't you glad you clicked through for this supremely pointless post?  Sometimes when you're pregnant, things just aren't that exciting.  But hey, at least there were cute shoes!  

*yes, i know sugar is a carb
**Darrell is a firm believer in flats or stilettos, nothing in between.  He particularly hates all wedges, and thinks low wedges are even more offensive.  Luckily, he'll still tell me I look pretty when I wear them anyways....although sometimes he'll stick in "well, except for your shoes."

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  1. That's too funny, my husband is the same about shoes. He particularly hates kitten heels.


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