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About a year ago, my favorite blogger of all time quit doing her Forever 21 round-up posts.  I really loved that she did the wading through of the website for me, and I miss them!  Forever 21 is kind of my usual (non-pregnant) wardrobe bread & butter.  Being able to shop there again is one of the things I look forward to most.  So I decided (like the Awkward & Awesome posts) to just purloin the idea and start doing it myself!  I figure, someone out there should benefit from my pointless stalking of the new arrivals section, even if I can't do a dang thing with any of these pieces for at least 2-3 more months.  I hope you enjoy it, because I had a lot of fun putting this together!  So without further adieu, my favorites from Forever 21 for the past few weeks, after the jump: 

This is just SUCH a pretty dress.  Find it here.  

This is exactly the kind of thing you swoon over at Free People because of their amazing stores, and then walk out having paid way too much for.  And I’ll let you in on a secret - Forever21 and Free People’s quality?  Pretty much at the same level.  Buy it here.  

Weren't you looking for a glamorous black sun hat for this summer?  Check.  

THOSE are some fantastic sandals.  Get them here.  

This is exactly the great kind of thing you find at Madewell, but absolutely DO NOT need to spend $40 on.  Get it here, for $10.  

This is the kind of dress I plan to live in post baby….so forgiving, so pretty.  For $25, here (and I believe it's styled with the black version of those awesome sandals above?)  

I am just not a jumpsuit person (my torso's too short!) but if I was, this one is pretty great. Get it here.  

Such a pretty top.  Love.  Get it here.

J.Crew has been doing lots of tops similar to this but for about $80.  Or you can get this one for $20!  Here.  

I am self aware enough to know that these are too cool for me, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share them with those of you who would otherwise pay double for them at Urban Outfitters.  For $32, here!  

In case this isn't clear by now, one of Forever 21's strong suits is definitely their shoes.  They tend to be surprisingly comfortable, and although NO they will not last you forever, you might cry when they wear out.  Forever 21 shoes have been some of my favorites over the years.  I may have ordered these for myself.  These look so much like some awesome fisherman sandals Madewell carried last year, but for $32.  Here!  

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