awkward & awesome tuesday


My dogs were barking at the door, so I figured maybe the postman had come and left a package or something.  I opened our door to peek out once I heard the entryway door close in JUST a long tunic (longer than my underwear, thank god) and saw my landlady standing in the lobby!  Cue my awkward "oh hi!" And promptly shutting the door in her face.  

Breastfeeding classes.  I don't feel the need to elaborate on this.  

8:30 bedtime on a Saturday night.  And I don't even feel a little bit guilty-in fact, I take sleep when and where I can get it at this point.  

Missing hot yoga so much that I sometimes just look at the class schedule at my old studio and fantasize about when I’ll be able to go again.  

Waiting for labor when you have no idea what it’s like to go into labor.  It’s like a state of constant vigilance and extreme boredom all at once.  


While making a return at the mall, a sweet lady told me I looked pretty.  Always nice to hear when going into month 9 on a day you didn't wear any makeup.  I'll remember her unprovoked kind remark the next time I see another preg girl out and about.

Getting the "any day now!" from my doctor at my last appointment.  They don't change your due date, but I've been informed that I'm actually dating around 38 weeks as of today.  I think there's good and bad to this, because now I'm doing a lot of sitting around and waiting, but it was reassuring to hear that she probably won't be late.

Chinese food that shows up ten minutes after you order it.  Even though I STILL managed to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms between the time we made the order and its arrival. 

People are just really excited for you at this point - there's no hiding the bump anymore, and strangers kind of feel like it's public property.  In a good way, mostly!  I get a lot of "congratulations!" and "so cute!" from everyone from grocery checkers to waitresses, and that's a lot of cheerful every time I leave the house.  Baby bumps are apparently an equal opportunity happy-maker.

Spending the majority of my weekend sitting outside doing absolutely nothing.  Vitamin D is kind of my everything right now, as are Pinterest & Tumblr.  Strangely, I’m totally over pinning baby clothes, probably because I have too many for Claire already.  I’m really really really excited to start getting back to my pre-baby size, so I’ve mostly been pinning outfit ideas for post-baby.

And since it wouldn't be awkward & awesome without whatever food I'm currently obsessed with: popsicles.  It's getting difficult to keep them in the house, I want a popsicle pretty much every hour on the hour.  

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