forever 21 round-up

What do you say we kick this week off with my personal favorite find, the Rag & Bone sweater of Pinterest dreams that Forever 21 chose to recreate for only $30?  

Told ya.  That is good stuff right there, and they continued to kill it with the basics the past two weeks.  Read on for great white blouses, a perfect red shift dress, and some really cute wedges.  

This is such a no-brainer.  Free People would charge $200 for this, just because of the pom fringe.  It's selling out pretty quickly, here for only $27.  

Isabel Marant, eat your heart out.  Here, for $22.  

Simple, perfect, and only $15.  I may need it in both colors.  

Basic & perfect!  Forever 21 does surprisingly comfortable shoes, by the way.  

One heck of a great tote for $27.  

To me, this is one of those great items that looks far more expensive than it is.  So much detail!  A very fair $32, here.  

Gorgeous in that vibrant red, am I right?  Only $22!  

I really love a good summer scarf.  

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