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Of all the months, I think May would have to be my very favorite.  It has the best temperatures, and all the promise of summer to come.  We're kicking off the month - and also having our last weekend away before a month of not moving much at all - by heading to the lake to stay at my parent's condo for a few days.  In fact, as you read this, we're already there!  Picture me sitting on the patio, looking at the water, enjoying a cup of (decaf) coffee and eating a bagel.  Sounds like heaven!  

To kick off your weekend, here are my favorite links from this week: 

Truthfully, if one more person says to me "enjoy it now, you'll never do that with a baby!" or "say goodbye to sleep!" I might just lose it.  This article sums up my feelings pretty perfectly.  

Can you guess the Shakespeare play from these quotes?  This was hard, but way fun for an English nerd like myself.  

I tend to be put in charge of ordering wine at a restaurant (and I've made a bit of a study of it because, well, I love wine!)  This guide makes it easy for anyone to pick the perfect bottle.

I want to go to there!  

If you ever have anxiety, this website is pretty amazing.

In case you need some inspiration for Cinco de Mayo, these margarita recipes look delicious.  

I've got my eye on this backpack in navy, for Darrell's "daddy diaper bag."  

This is too funny.  

This 10 minute lunch sounds kind funny but also crazy delicious! I'm saving ideas like crazy for easy things to make once baby girl arrives.  More on my Pinterest recipe board here.  


  1. Nice article, it was so interesting! thanks for sharing!

  2. If you feeling nerdy, why dont you try even harder Shakespeare Quiz at http://www.wsttravel.com/travel-community/inspiring-stories/2014/july/the-hardest-shakespeare-(quiz)-ever!/


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