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We have no real plans for this weekend other than enjoying the gorgeous weather - spring plans to make a return to St. Louis, so we may just live at the park.  Also on the agenda - garage sales!  Come on, tell me you don't love a good garage sale?  It's the best season for them, and I will probably buy way more baby clothes than Claire will ever wear - and if I'm lucky, I'll find a few pretty vases as well, since we have an overabundance of roses in the yard at the moment.  Darrell is always on the lookout for children's vinyl records!  I love to wake up early, hit up all the sales we noted on Craigslist, and then reward our bargain hunting efforts with brunch.  

Seriously, there might be too many links here, but if you need some Friday afternoon entertainment I'm your girl!  My favorites from this week: 

A list of delicious two-ingredient sandwiches.  

This is hilarious, and so true.  

On the noble pursuit of simply doing good every day.  

Mastering the fine art of small talk - I am terrible at this, but these tips seem pretty good!  

I try not to get too political on this blog, but it is undeniable that America is failing mothers.  We also keep terrible company in regards to human rights.  

An extremely thought provoking blog post on educating children about religion.  As Darrell & I have different beliefs, it's something we will be considering up until the very day Claire begins to ask questions, I'm sure.  

30 incorrectly used words that make any smart person sound like a dummy.  Affect/effect really gets to me!  

A nurse reveals the top 5 regrets of her dying patients.  

Are you scared of flying?  Here are 10 pretty great tips for calming your nerves before takeoff (or really during any stressful situation!)  

Really loving Avarcas sandals right now.  Fuschia isn't an impractical color choice, right?  

After our warm weather disappeared this week (highs only in the 50s on Wednesday!) I was wishing I lived in one of these places.  

Some adorable baby rhino gifs, because why not?  

Last but not least, Sonnet James is taking pre-orders again for the dresses that sold out quickest from their Spring/Summer collection.  I was excited to get a second chance at nabbing the Constance, but I can't say enough wonderful things about all the dresses.  

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