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You know what would make this weekend the best Memorial Day weekend of all time?  If Miss Claire decided to make her appearance.  Darrell's "beer & diaper" shower is on Saturday and we are really excited to celebrate her impending arrival with all our sweet friends, but that is the last thing on our calendar until she's born.  Darrell has been really hoping that she'll stay put until at least Sunday so he can have one last hurrah, and I'm all about indulging him, but there's not much I can do about it - I have a feeling that Murphy's law dictates she'll decide I go into labor Saturday night.  Or you know, she could stay put until June.  

A few things that kept me entertained this week while I did an excessive amount of sitting around....

Things Parisians do that amaze New Yorkers, and vice versa.  (Slightly more risque; how to party like a French person.)  

What do you think about paternity leave?  Truthfully, I'm all for it.  You go Chris Hayes.  

Learning about style from being a mom.  You can keep it together, who knew?  

I really want to get my hands on this adorable and cheerful straw tote.  

We really need a new doormat, and this one is so welcoming.  

These crepes sound like the perfect thing for Sunday morning.  

Me, lately.  Because sitting around waiting for a baby involves a lot of television catch-up.  

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