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I had a discussion with friends this past week on the virtues of a 3 day weekend Friday - Sunday, or Saturday - Monday.  I'm team Saturday - Monday, because I truly think that the best part of a three day weekend like that is the fact that it's followed by a four day week.  I'm eager for anything that makes time pass more quickly, knowing that each day brings us closer to meeting Claire.  I know I should be savoring these last few days of time alone with Darrell, but I think we're both equally impatient.  If she doesn't decide on this weekend to make her appearance, we'll go see a movie, and there's a community picnic in the park by our house on Sunday afternoon.  

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you have any movie recommendations please leave them in the comments!  We're thinking either "The Neighbors" or "Chef."  

I'm not an avid watcher of TED talks, but this one is short and makes some wonderful points, from a man who was on a plane that crashed and lived to tell the tale.  

A dog meets a fish, and things go horribly awry.  Absolutely worth your 20 seconds.  

Shift dress + clogs + hat = a perfect weekend outfit, and what I intend to make my summer uniform.  

I'm thinking this strawberry icebox pie is a must-make for this weekend.

This article seems like a genius guide for how to help out a new mom.  Of course, I have no experience yet, but I'll definitely be saving these ideas for when my next friend has her first baby!  

Am I cool enough for perforated white Vans?  Probably not, but they look oh-so-comfy and awesome.

This made me laugh out loud.  

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  1. Majorly in love with the Vans slip ons. I have a pair that are black and white checkerboard and I wear them all the time. You could definitely pull them off! xx


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