friday link love

This photo is basically my weekend in a nutshell.  I'm going to make a real effort to relax, enjoy the weather, and settle into that pattern for the last 5 weeks of this pregnancy.  There will be pedicures, cupcakes, and brunch.  How much better could it get? 

I also have to congratulate my beautiful & accomplished friend (practically my sister) Bridget on her graduation from nursing school this weekend.  She has worked her tail off for years to accomplish this goal, and me & Darrell are fairly devastated that my being almost 9 months pregnant is keeping us from making the journey up to watch her walk.  We will be thinking of you all day tomorrow, B!  

And this week's favorite links: 

I made boxed brownies this week, which reminded me why I usually put in the effort to make these instead.  

Such a pretty, easy hairstyle!

The best sentences of all time.  

These state facts are so interesting!  

Inside the fridges of 11 New York chefs.  

Hilarious and completely true graphs.  Number 4 is annoyingly true.  

This is a bit long, but absolutely worth watching.  A very smart argument.  

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  1. Hahaha, the hilarious graphs really are true, especially the one about finding errors in an email right after sending it off! And the states list was also pretty funny, and I actually learned some things. Happy Friday!


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