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I've always been an avid reader, but once I got pregnant I had issues with very vivid dreams that basically put me off reading fiction for a while.  For most of the past 9 months, I've read nothing but baby books - helpful for calming my nerves, but not exactly intellectually stimulating.  I kind of felt like my brain was turning to mush there for a while (although I think all pregnant women feel that way).  The last few weeks I've been spending a lot of time at home and sleeping like a rock, so I've gone back to speeding through novels, something I'm hoping to keep up as entertainment during late night feedings with the baby. 

I always love to hear what other people are reading (and their honest opinions), so I decided to start a "reading list" series, featuring what I've read the past few weeks and how they rated.  Full disclosure: I read pretty quickly, but 4 books in two weeks is a lot for me - these were all fairly short.  I can't promise there will be this many each week!  

The Book Thief, 5/10 - 

Believe it or not, I started this book before I ever got pregnant.  I was in the beginning of it when I found out, but since it's about the Holocaust & WWII, it was promptly put on hold once I started having the bad dreams.  I finished it this past week, and it was okay.  Obviously it's sad, but the book has a really neat point of view (it's narrated by "death," a smart pick for a narrator in a story set during wartime) and you certainly root for the young heroine.   However, it wasn't one of the best books I've ever read, and I'm not compelled to see the film after reading it.  

The Fault in Our Stars, 9/10 - 

I started this one per the recommendation of another blog, and it was truly fantastic.  Of course, it's a "cancer book," so perhaps not the smartest thing for someone 9 months pregnant to read?  Seriously, Darrell was laughing at my ugly crying so hard that I had to leave the room - which was ineffective, since we basically live in a studio apartment.  The whole book is voiced perfectly.  It absolutely sounds like the dialogue of teenagers, and even though the subject is heavy, it's still humorous.  I read this in one night, if that tells you anything.  I absolutely couldn't put it down.  I'm unsure if I'll be able to handle the movie....might be best saved for at home viewing so that I can ugly cry in peace.  

One More Thing, 7/10 - 

I had to follow up the sob-fest with something funny, so I picked up this collection of short stories by "Office" writer & star BJ Novak.  This book surprised me - it was incredibly easy to read, but the stories were very poignant in their humor.  He's a very thoughtful writer, and so much of the book was incredibly relatable.  It's almost Seinfeld-esque in a way!  My favorite story is probably "the man who invented the calendar."  

Allegiant 2/10 - 

Wow, I've really maxed out on the teen reads lately, huh?  Full disclosure, this was terrible.  I loved Divergent & Insurgent (the two first books in this series) but if I'd known they would end with this book, I likely would've skipped the whole thing altogether.  It felt as though the author had no idea where she wanted to take the story, the ending was incredibly anticlimactic, and worst of all it was SO boring.  Too gummed up with details that you didn't care to read - I found myself lightly skimming pages toward the end.  This one I would definitely avoid.  Honestly, I'm kind of annoyed that I paid for it!  

I'm thinking Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore or The Goldfinch may be my next picks, but I'll gladly take recommendations!  I love a series, so let me know if there's a great one I haven't heard of yet!  What have you been reading lately?  


  1. The Goldfinch is one of the best books I've read in a long time. It's long and crazy, but worth it. Also, Paris Letters is a cute/easy read and Tell The Wolves I'm Home is another one I thoroughly enjoyed.

    1. Well I guess I'll definitely have to read the Goldfinch then, and I pinned the other two to save for later. Thank you!

  2. Love reading your reviews of these books. I'm currently reading Americanah by Chimananda Ngozi Adichie. I'd definitely recommend it. xx

  3. Thank you! I will definitely check that one out!


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