snapshots & selfies

left: target dress, jcrew jacket & hat, ebay tote, old navy sandals

right: forever 21 hat, tunic, & sandals, gap maternity leggings, ebay tote

left: old navy dress, jacket, & shoes, old scarf, ebay tote

right: isabella oliver dress, new balance tennis shoes 

left: target dress, gap sneakers

right: target dress & sandals

If you can't tell, there's a serious theme of comfortable shoes happening in these photos.  In the past two weeks, it's basically become painful to...well, stand.  I'm counting my blessings though - I've had a back pain free pregnancy, and I think that would be much worse!  

In sum, my pregnancy dressing guidelines at this point: if it's not striped, it's stretch jersey.  If it's not sandals, it's sneakers.  If you don't feel like fixing your hair, wear a hat.  

Keeping it simple!  


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