crow steals fire

I have to admit, it feels like a million years ago that these photos were taken.  This was the day before I was induced, and I was almost unwilling to even take them (not feeling that great by this point, hence the shorts, black tee, and lack of makeup) but I was excited to show off this necklace from Crow Steals Fire.  St. Louis based jewelry designer Donna Fox creates these beautiful & simple personalized pieces, and when she offered to send me one it was serendipity - I had planned on ordering something to commemorate Claire's birth soon anyways, and her necklaces were perfect.  It arrived the weekend I was scheduled to go in, and I wore it to the hospital.  Considering our good fortune, I now consider it a good luck charm and wear it almost every day.  

You can find this necklace here, and check out her complete selection in the online shop here!  

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