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My wishes for this weekend?  Well, I have two.  Option a) a baby!  Really, that would be ideal.  But option b) sleep, would also be fantastic.  In fact, sleep might even win right now, because after two nights of zero sleep I'm not even sure how I would get the baby here should I go into labor.  I have no energy left.  Also, do you know what there is to do when you live in a semi studio apartment with no privacy and you have all night insomnia?  A whole lot of watching 90210 on your iPhone, that's what.  Enough to just make it realllllllly depressing.  Luckily I have a fantastic husband who has guaranteed me brunch, farmer's market strawberries, backrubs, and a marathon of Orange Is the New Black season two this weekend, so this girl can't really complain too much.

If there isn't a post on Monday....well then just be psyched, because I'm probably having a baby.  Otherwise, I have TOO MUCH time on my hands to blog, so it will be business as usual.

Okay, enough with the ranting, here are this week's links!

So, you want to live in a Nancy Meyers movie?  Seriously, I want to move into the kitchen from "It's Complicated."  

Ballet dancers show off their most complicated movies, in slow motion.  Captivating.  

Mindy Kaling on kissing....too funny.   

We've all read this before, but Mr. Rogers gives the best advice about talking to young children about tragedy.

Made me laugh - I really need to re-watch Moonrise Kingdom.

Favorite poses from yoga students with a regular practice - skip to :40 to see my favorite arm balance trick of all time, from a talented practitioner who was in my teacher training class!  

I get the feeling my husband wouldn't be on board with the "bare ankles" trend - he's very into socks!  

I have a surprising number of friends who "tweet" for a living (well, as a part of their job) and I found this article to be an interesting insight into what they do!  

LOVE this theory - men who do more housework have more ambitious daughters!  

One thing that will be entirely new to Darrell & I  - in so much that it's different from how we were raised - is that Claire will be a city baby!  I loved these tips for having a newborn in the city.  

Do you think fighting means there is "passion" in a relationship, or just the opposite?  I loved this point of view from one of my very favorite blogs.  

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