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Oh, Friday I have a whole new appreciation for you.  Monday thru Thursday are as exciting as ever with Claire to hang out with all day, but Friday means we get Darrell back for the whole weekend, and nothing beats our little threesome.  This weekend we have NO PLANS (yes, you read that right) so I foresee lots of late morning snuggling up with the bebe in our bed and a little bit too much Netflix.  Of course, we're supposed to reclaim some not-scorching hot weather, so we may have to hit up the park as well.  I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead, and Happy Friday!  

Here are some articles I've been hoarding the past few weeks, lots of reading going on during late-night feedings (if you want some book recommendations, click here!)  

The real Mr. Big is a real New Yorker, and I loved this interview with him on the "old New York."  

The reason behind why you only like some foods as an adult.  

The science behind sharing our beds.  

I think I need this adorable top (more stripes) for nursing this summer.  

Google & Mindy Kaling are leading the charge on getting girls into coding.  

I'm completely and totally guilty of overusing the exclamation mark.  What about you?  

Literary city guides tell you where to find the best bookstores, coffee shops, and restaurants so you can spend your vacation poring over books.  

I am desperately in need of these for Claire.  Because America.  

Can't wait to make this for dinner next week.  

This insanely compact chart will make you realize just how short life can look!  I can't decide if it's depressing or inspiring...perhaps both?  

Client feedback on the creation of the earth.  As a "client" for lots of freelance designers, this made me laugh.  

Not than I plan to start posting any, but Facebook finally got the memo about breastfeeding not being sexual, and now allows mothers to post photos of themselves feeding their children.  

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