on how to be supermom (or at least how to fake it)

Hey!  Check me out giving out advice, after only 3 weeks of being a mother!  By which I mean, take this with a grain of salt - I’ve had a kid for all of 21 days so I am no expert, and newborns sleep a lot, but I feel like I’ve worked out a nice little system for keeping myself feeling/looking decent with a baby in the house and wanted to share. Just in case you were finding it difficult, because sometimes it is!  So in case you need to get up and be somewhere tomorrow, baby in tow, here are my so-far foolproof tips for looking like supermom by breakfast time.

1) The night before!  Take advantage of that 5-9 waking hour period where your husband is home to handle that baby.  You know he missed her at work all day anyways, so let him have his time.  Take advantage of the night-before shower (you can just wipe off that overnight spit-up, no one will notice), get all the dishes done RIGHT after dinner is eaten, and tidy up the house so that you won’t feel compelled to do it in the morning.  Heck, even program the coffee maker to have a pot ready around the time the bebe gets you up in the morning.

2) When you do get up in the morning, if the baby is still sleeping then make some headway before she wakes up.  Fix the hair, throw on the makeup (false eyelashes!  instant bright eyes!) and get dressed.  If baby is crying and hungry, feed her and then PUT.  HER.  DOWN!  In a swing if needed.  Then get on with getting yourself ready, because looking your best will make you feel better all day long.  Promise.

3) For breakfast (You, too, have to eat!) make something you can eat with one hand - I’m partial to the bagel, egg, & cheese sandwich because for some reason Claire has come to associate my eating times with her own, and we still haven’t quite mastered hands free breastfeeding.  I also haven’t mastered not getting crumbs on my baby while we both eat, but I’m working on it.

4) If all that fails, and the baby is still fussy by the time you have to be somewhere but you’re still not ready, take advantage of your travel time.  All I know so far about soothing Claire is that movement is key.   Whether you’re walking or driving, take advantage of the travel period by putting baby in a sling, or just having her in the carseat.  Claire is almost instantly quieted by both those things, and they’ll usually initiate a short nap that lets me get done whatever I needed to do at the bank/Target, etc.  Take the makeup bag with you if you have to, and finish the job at your destination.

5) Give yourself a freaking break.  Newborns do not care what you look like, and chances are you have months of your husband just being generally in awe of you for birthing your child, period.  Sometimes, you stay in a nursing tank and underwear all day, and that is completely okay.  

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