awkward and awesome tuesday


So I’m just gonna say it; your boobs leaking in public?   The definition of awkward.  And yet incredibly normal.  No one tells you when you’re packing the diaper bag that you need to pack backup outfits for baby AND mama, so here is me telling you: throw an extra black tank dress or something of the like in your diaper bag, and thank me later.  

We had a friend over the other night and I went inside for a moment to put on a wrap cardigan.  When I came out, Darrell asked if I had really just decided to wear a bathrobe!  I was a little offended at the idea that he thought things could be THAT bad.  

Starting the post-baby Weight Watchers regime.  Okay, honestly I love Weight Watchers as a program in general, but being pregnant and eating whatever I wanted to was WAY more fun.  

We are almost out of the huge stash of bagels my parents brought us.  This is more tragic than awkward, really.  I’m not sure how I’ll eat breakfast if I can’t do it with one hand.  


Claire took a bottle of pumped milk for the first time Sunday!  I had wanted to hold off until three weeks (because of “nipple confusion?”  Someone tell me, is that real?) but she loved it and has still been breastfeeding really well.  I don’t like to be away from her much at all, but it’s obviously a lot more convenient for me to give Darrell the option to at least feed her while I run a few quick errands.  Last week I went to get a spray tan and pick up dinner, and let’s just say the look on both their faces when I returned (after only an hour and a half) was sheer panic.  

My brother-in-law’s girlfriend is moving to St. Louis this week!  It feels like we have more friends and family flocking to the city all the time, and I’m so happy for my brother-in-law to finally have her living here. St. Louis is just the best, only made better by our amazing network of friends - something I have especially come to appreciate in the last few weeks.  There’s nothing like having a friend call and offer to bring you lunch when you realize you’ve fed your baby but not yourself at 1 pm, and your kitchen looks like a barren wasteland.  

On Saturday, we stayed up until midnight - yes, that’s late for us! - and I went to sleep thinking about how miserable it would be when morning came.  But miraculously, minus a few wake ups to eat, Claire let us sleep until 10 am!  Best Sunday morning ever.  

Just saying “screw it” when you’re invited to the pool two weeks after having a baby.  Yes, I could’ve felt better than I did in my one piece, but nothing was nicer than having my feet in that water.  So worth it.  

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